13x6 HD Frontals
13x6 HD Frontals

13x6 HD Frontals

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The 13x6 lace frontal allows for more styles to the hair and allows the styles to look a lot more natural. Deeper middle parts, deeper sides parts etc, 

Which means you can style your hair in so many more different styles. The 13x6 lace frontal allows for air to constantly get to the scalp and hair, which will allow for the hair to breathe and is comfortable to wear.

A Lace Frontal goes from ear to ear and is ideal for customers who want to achieve a natural looking hairline without leaving any of their natural hair out.

 Our lace frontal is made from high quality thin HD flawless lace. Our HD lace frontals are truly undetectable and appear as if the  hair extensions are coming directly from your own scalp.

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